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who we are

Online marketplace for outdoor advertising in Nigeria

Our Mission and Vision

Billboard Arena is a growing online marketplace for digital and traditional out of home advertising platforms, collecting the best outdoor boards operated by various media owners around the country and connecting them with brands and agencies; allowing advertising, marketing and media professionals have access at their fingertips.

Billboard Arena - designed by OOH advertising geeks fixated on changing the way outdoor adverts are bought and sold - is positioned to provide clients with simple and unified sourcing and deployment of outdoor advert boards with easy access to an array of billboards of various formats spread over the 80 towns in Nigeria.

At Billboard Arena, we aim to become the go to platform with the largest inventory of outdoor spaces in Nigeria

Work Process

How we work

We follow streamlined work processto ensure we deliver efficiently


We recieve your quotes

Clients submit carts which includes all billboards from various locations of interest


We gather info of each billboard

We gather the details of each board including size, availability and price


We executre

Clients campaign gets executed including monthly or weekly updates on billboard health

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